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We accept LiteCoin now.
Published on 23-11-2017

Great news - you can deposit and withdraw Litecoin in FamilyClix now!

Litecoin is cryptocurrency similar as Bitcoin with some differences:

- COST - The cost of sending any denomination of Litecoin costs around $0.09, whereas Bitcoin currently hovers around $5.00.

- SPEED - Transaction confirmation speed plays a huge role in how quickly a currency gets adopted. Bitcoin confirmations usually take around ten minutes and have been steadily increasing with periods hitting as high as 2,548 minutes. Litecoin’s network is able to confirm transactions at a much quicker rate. Litecoin’s verification period lasts a fixed 2.5 minutes. For every individual Bitcoin block that gets confirmed, four Litecoin blocks of equal size get confirmed.

Until end of this month, we are giving 20% bonus for all LITECOIN deposits!

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Published on 20-11-2017


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