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Rentet referrals

Started by bweih 2018-06-08 at 13:35
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GrantClicker (Level 8)
Posts: 96
Why I´m loosing with the rented referrals even with upgrade zb:
R1129491 05-05-2018 8 days 05-06-2018 12 0.12000 0.352
BabyClicker (Level 0)
Posts: 5
About 7 hours ago, I paid $ 1.90 to renew 10 rented referrals for 30 days and you still have not done the renovation.

please I need quick action.
Miss Maria
BabyClicker (Level 0)
Posts: 674
Managing RR is at your end.
Do not complain here why member never click.
we cannot force any member to click for those standard ads.

You have only downline earnings if they clicked STANDARD AD EXPOSURE.

Click RECYCLE if they stop clicking.

There is no secret in managing rented referrals.
Only recycle and extend is the right strategy.
If you are not good in management then stop renting, instead, Promote your link to get Direct Referrals.

thank you.

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