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May 3 to May 31 Point Contest

Started by Juan 2018-05-03 at 05:15
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ToddlerClicker (Level 1)
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Hello guys.

Collect points from May 3 to May 31 and earn up to $300 in account balance.
Earn 1 point per click on PTC section
Earn 1 point for completed PTSU,
Earn 10 points per every new direct referral
Earn 10 points per every dollar deposited

Point contest counting money deposited to crowdfunding as well.

The leaderboard :

Happy earnings,
Maria and Juan
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BabyClicker (Level 0)
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Received: $0.0000
Balance: $0.6758
Referrals: 30
Excellent admi..!
BabyClicker (Level 0)
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Excellent website to grow. Main thing about this website is no hidden T & C. As compared to other PTC websites. After my 1.5 yrs exp in this industry. I have closed my accounts on all other PTC websites. As of now I am only with the properties of Family group i.e. Familyclix & FamilyBTC.

Keep doing good work !!
Family13 (Level 13)
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