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3 years online

Started by Juan 2017-08-24 at 23:14
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ToddlerClicker (Level 1)
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Hello family!
As you really like our add funds promo, we decided to extend it until our 3rd birthday,
(September 10) we will celebrate 3 years online and paying. In this period we prepared some nice promotions and discounts.

Promo, from August 25 to SEPTEMBER 10 - if you deposit more than $10 you will get 10% bonus in your purchase balance automatically. If you deposit bitcoin you will get 15% (10% automatically and 5% manually within 48 hours).

All the best,
Maria and Juan
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YoungAdultClicker (Level 4)
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Good promo admin!!!
Family18 (Level 18)
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Nice promo! Thank you! Happy Birthday 3 years! Long live Familyclix!!
BabyClicker (Level 0)
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Quote: Sergey113
Nice promo! Thank you! Happy Birthday 3 years! Long live Familyclix!!
Excellent ,,, much congratulations, for your valuable effort ,,, since it benefits us all ,,,,, and follow the success .... For me as a new user will continue looking for the clis to generate money and to be able to reproduce .... since I need it ,,,, I am from venezuela and our economic crisis is not devastating all Venezuelans, and this serves me as help and distraction since I am unemployed ,,,, family ,,, I will continue to fight without fainting ...... GA.
Baby Plus
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BabyClicker (Level 0)
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nice promo, thanks Admin
Baby Plus
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Congratulations!!! Development and prosperity!

Baby Plus
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Happy Birthday FamilyClix to the 3rd year
Baby Plus
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congratulation Admin and Thank You for your support.
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