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Paypal is so good!

Started by Maria 2015-12-26 at 15:02
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Miss Maria
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Dear members,

Unfortunately, after more than one year online PayPal suddenly decided to close our account permanently.

I do not know what to say about it, everything worked smoothly all the time. You know, all of you who asked for the payment, got it within 48 hours, and there was only few disputed, so I do not know how to explain their decision.

Anyway, we already refunded some big investors who are far from ROI. Others, you know what to do. It is your money in our PayPal and we will not try to keep it for us.

What will happen now with Familyclix?

We will continue to pay in Payza, Perfect Money and Payeer. This payment processors will be available only for people who deposited money using Payza, Perfect Money and Payeer. Non-depositors we cannot pay using this payment processors at the moment.

PayPal investors, if you want to continue with us, you must deposit using Payza, Perfect Money or Payeer. Please contact us and we will calculate how much money you should deposit. I repeat, if you will contact PayPal about your money there, you can do it, you will not be suspended here, because it is your money and we will not try to keep it. But if you want to continue with cashouts, you must deposit.

If you really want to continue with us, Payza and Payeer is very simple to use, you can add funds and withdraw funds there using debit or credit card easily. All payments has been processed until now within 48 hours and we will continue with this, only without PayPal.

At the moment we looking for additional payment processors as Skrill and Neteller.

Thank you for understanding and cooperation.

Merry Christmas to everyone and lets move forward,

Your Family partner in business,
Maria and Juan

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I am really sorry for this! I just got my payment two days ago with paypal!
Skrill would be perferct!
Hope the best for all familyclix family!
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Would you like to consider to add "Payoneer Debit Card" is already being used by Leading websites such as, etc.

i Request, please have a detailed look >>>

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paypal is so good please add this payment procceser after sometimes....
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Yeah very true
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Very bad news for me.

I regret to say this but no paypal I retire.

The other processors will take away a lot of money and you have to have special trajetas of them to get your money from your account or use.

AThere are some other precesador if you do not have these requirements as paypal to recommend me to go with you.

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Bad news. How $ i need to invest with payza?
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Are you saying that we can no longer CASHOUT with PayPal?
This is VERY bad news as this is the only processor I will use

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bad news how i can get my investment i deposite 26 dollars
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This is not good news
Can you provide some more details on account status for those who invested with paypal.
will you lower their accounts until they invest with another processor?

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